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Mochi donuts in Victoria!

Welcome to Pandō Donuts!
We are a donut shop based in Langford, BC that specializes in two types of donuts – our signature fluffy Pandō donuts and chewy Mochi donuts. All of our donuts are handmade with the highest quality ingredients and made fresh the day you buy them.

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Check our instagram to find us at pop-ups and markets

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Apple Caramel Pandō Donut Westshore Victoria
Apple Caramel Pandō
Our signature recipe donut loaded with juicy apple chunks and infused with housemade caramel.
Black Sesame Mochi Donut - Pandō Donuts
Black Sesame Mochidō
Our mochidonut with a delicious, nutty, slightly savoury black sesame glaze. Topped with black sesame seeds.
Cardamom Rose Mochi Donut Westshore Victoria
गुलाब जामुन
Cardamom Rose Mochidō
Our fluffy, chewy mochidonut with two glazes: a cardamom rose dip and then an evaporated milk dip. Gulab Jamun in donut form.
Double Chocolate Mochi Donut Westshore Victoria
Double Chocolate Mochidō
Wonderfully rich black cocoa mochidonut, topped with a milky white chocolate glaze
White Chocolate Matcha Mochi Donut Westshore Victoria
Matcha White Chocolate Mochidō
Our mochidonut with a matcha glaze and delicious white chocolate drizzle.
Original Glaze Mochi Donut Westshore Victoria
Original Glaze Mochidō
Our fluffy, chewy mochidonut bathed in a classic vanilla glaze.
Original Pandō Donut Westshore Victoria
Original Iced Pandō
Our signature recipe soft and fluffy donut slathered with classic vanilla icing.
Yuzu Pandō Donut Westshore Victoria
Yuzu Pandō
Our soft and fluffy signature donut filled with tangy and sweet yuzu jam. Glazed and topped with candied yuzu peel.

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